G4G14 Exchange Gift

G4G14 Exchange Gift
Walk a Crooked Path

Walk a Crooked Path is a pen-and-paper puzzle that I designed. I used it as the exchange gift for the Gathering for Gardner 14 conference in 2022.

Below is a 7×7 board with three squares removed.

Walk a Crooked Path puzzle board

You walk a path from square to square (adjacent horizontally or vertically), without visiting any square more than once. You may start on any square and end on any square, and do not need to visit every square. Find a path that has as many quarter turns as possible, i.e. what is the most crooked path you could walk?

For example, the following short path has 7 quarter turns.

Walk a Crooked Path example path

If you want to try this with pencil and paper, you can print out this pdf file (735KB), which is what I handed out at the G4G14 conference. It contains several copies of the empty board.

Click here for the solution.

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