G4G15 Exchange Gift

Dodecasphinx is a packing puzzle that I designed. I will use it as the exchange gift for the Gathering for Gardner 15 conference in 2024.

It consists of 13 flat wooden pieces, and you have to use these to fill a triangular frame.

Dodecasphinx puzzle with wooden frame

The pieces are polyiamonds, i.e. shapes that can be formed by joining equilateral triangles together edge to edge. Twelve are identical sphinx-shaped hexiamonds, and the last piece is a triangular noniamond. Together they can fill a large equilateral triangle with a side length of 9 units.

Unfortunately it is too expensive and bulky to include a wooden frame in the exchange gift, so that version simply has the frame printed on the included instruction leaflet (PDF).

Dodecasphinx puzzle

Dodecasphinx puzzle

Click here for the solution.

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