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This is not a manual but an information pack that fully describes what S.T.O.R. does.





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(Stock Taking by Optical Reader)

S.T.O.R. - System description

S.T.O.R. is an ingenious new stock control system utilising the PSION P250 and a barcode reader. On its own it is extremely portable and compact, and yet it linked to P.C.-S.T.O.R. it becomes an extremely powerful and versatile system, allowing the user to maintain constant and effective control over stock levels.

The P250 unit is used to collect the data which can be then transferred to P.C.-S.T.O.R. for easy analysis on a large screen.

However it is not necessary to use P.C.-S.T.O.R., the basic version is capable of the same functions.

S.T.O.R. has many superb features. The user can print (or display on screen) reports showing stock levels and previous transactions. It is possible to scan a coded item without altering stock levels, in order to check stock levels, and recent changes.

Furthermore when an item is scanned, either to add it to or to take it from stock, a stock level is shown, and if a new barcode, or an item not previously stocked, is scanned, S.T.O.R. will simply request you to register the code as a new item.

Conversely, if someone attempts to remove from stock an item which is not there, S.T.O.R. will display a warning.

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S.T.O.R. - product overview

S.T.O.R. is a complete stock monitoring system, irrespective of what system you buy. Whereas most stock systems consist of a portable terminal and a costly base station, one S.T.O.R. unit is BOTH. Not only can it be carried around wherever you go, it can also inform you at a moment's notice what the current stock levels are for any particular product.

One S.T.O.R. unit can also print reports relating to stock movements such as stock taken out, stock receipts and current stock levels.

You can even print your own barcodes from the unit, so if you have no barcoding system, you can create your own!

If you have a larger application, you can use P.C.-S.T.O.R. on any IBM compatible PC (or XT, AT, PS2). This means that you can transmit your stock data to and from a central unit, enter and process data with the advantage of a large screen and QWERTY keyboard, and keep a regular back-up of your data on floppy disc.

For a major stock application, P.C.-S.T.O.R. can accept data input from many portable S.T.O.R. units, so you always have a real-time view of where your stock is going, and how much you have left.

And yet whatever system you buy, every S.T.O.R. unit still retains all the capabilities listed above. When your company grows too big for a single S.T.O.R. unit, add P.C.-S.T.O.R. to your system for that increased processing power and versatility.

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S.T.O.R. - Technical outline

S.T.O.R. is a portable stock-taking system based around a hand sized computer.

It consists of the P250 version of the acclaimed Psion Organiser together with a bar code reader and two storage paks - one to house the system, and one for permanent data, i.e. personnel records and barcoded item records. The personnel files are compatible with Harvester S.A.M.S. files. The S.A.M.S.-files can therefore be immediately transferred to the S.T.O.R. system, enabling S.T.O.R. to be up and running in the minimum amount of time.

To achieve the optimum storage space, a 128K datapak would allow you to store about 200 users and approximately 3,500 items.

S.T.O.R. can also print barcodes straight from the P250, so if you don't already have a barcode system for your products, you can easily create one. Barcodes can be printed onto rolls of self adhesive labels which can then be affixed to individual items or to storage bins containing many identical items.

S.T.O.R. will accept most types of barcodes, and print EAN 13 codes.

You can also transmit and receive your data files trough a PC, which means you can make regular back-ups on floppy disc, or distribute data to other users through a network.

S.T.O.R. also prints out daily transaction reports, so you always know who has taken how many of what, and consequently, when you need to re-order stock.

You can build up records of stock transactions, and so make a complete stock reference file with only one S.T.O.R. unit.

Equipment or furniture inventories can quickly be carried even in the largest organisation. Bar codes can be printed out onto self adhesive labels and can be affixed to every desk, chair, filing cabinet, typewriter etc., and can then be listed and valued. It's so simple and quick that inventories, assets lists and stock lists can be carried out far more regularly than is usual.

S.T.O.R. is a unique, complete stock system in one portable unit.

S.T.O.R. uses a system of linking. For example, if a shop sells a HiFi system, consisting of several items, usually sold together, but available separately, it is possible to scan one barcode for the complete system instead of scanning each item.

Another useful feature is the existence of different security levels. It is possible to assign each item a security access code, as well as each user.

Anyone trying to remove an item above his level will hear and see a warning on screen. This might well be particularly useful, for example, in pharmaceutical retailers where certain types of drugs might only be sold by qualified chemists.

S.T.O.R. has a host of other features. Names, report titles and passwords can be changed, using the edit facility. Product names can be issued with a prefix in order that items can be placed into departments.

Large quantities of items can be manually added to - or taken from - stock in order that scanning each individual item can be avoided.

S.T.O.R. will print its own barcodes, dated if necessary, and the system will allow stocks of up to 99,999 of each item.

S.T.O.R. is ideal for shops, for storerooms in factories and offices, and anywhere else where there is regular movement of stock, both in and out, and where there might be a security problem.

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Data InputInfra-red digital micro-switch controlled wand, alternatively infra-red barcode scanner with more powerful reading capability for large stock quantities.
Accepted codesEAN 8, EAN 13, UPC, CODE 39, ITF, CODABAR, TELEPEN, MODIFIED PLESSEY, PLESSEY, CODE 128, also plastic covered and pattern obscured codes.
Display2 lines, 16 characters per line full ascii alpha-numeric liquid crystal display, providing text and graphic prompting for user.
Keyboard36 key keyboard allowing 78 alpha numeric characters to be entered, plus dedicated keys for SHIFT, DELETE, ENTER and ON, also full cursor control. CAPS and NUMBER lock keys, and MODE key.
ProgramOne resident program which controls stock in and out. stock checks, report printing, bar code printing, transaction date and date stamping, and full data editing.
System capabilityAny number of S.T.O.R. portable units can be connected to one master S.T.O.R.-PC via a communications link. Data can be received or transmitted to or from the PC.

One portable S.T.O.R. unit can, however, manage a stock system independently, without ever a PC to link to.
ConstructionDetachable rugged plastic bar code reader, connected by 16 pin shielded connector to S.T.O.R. unit - tough plastic moulded casing, metal cased screen and protective cover for keyboard during operation
DimensionsLength: 142.0 mm
Width: 73.0 mm
Depth: 29.3 mm
Weight: 225 grams
Micro processorHitachi HD6303X processor
Memory32 KByte RAM
128 KByte EPROM for stock data
32 KByte EPROM for system data
Power9 Volt battery or mains power adaptor.