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The Psion Organiser Series II

This is a collection of various documents and programs for the Psion Organiser series II, and its predecessor the Series 1. Some of these were originally written for and available on the Psion Organiser II Homepage. To check for recent updates, see the Change Log page.

If you have comments, have interesting Psion II items not featured here, or if you want to buy an Organiser or some datapaks, you can contact me (Jaap Scherphuis) at psion a t jaapsch d o t net.

Picture Galleries

Picture Galleries

User Manuals

User Manuals

- Other Hardware Manuals

- Software Pack Manuals

Most of these packs can be downloaded from the Software Pack Images page, and then burned onto a pack using the Organiser Developer kit, available from the Software by others page.



- Software for Psion or PC

- Software Packs and ROM Image files

Technical Documents

Technical Documents

- Documents by Psion

- Other Documents

Machine Code Programming

Machine Code Programming

- Tutorial

  • Numbers and Number Systems.
    An explanation of number systems including binary, hexadecimal and binary coded decimal.
  • Psion Machine Code Tutorial
    Five part tutorial explaining in great depth how to program the Psion Organiser II using machine code.
  • Flags and Arithmetic.
    An explanation of flags and how they are used in arithmetic. Also a brief run-down of all other machine code instructions.
  • Storing Machine Code.
    Shows places where machine code can be stored, and how to do so.

- Reference

Other Documents

User Catalog Autumn 1988

- Psion News

This was Psion's promotional magazine that was issued about three times a year. Only issue 4 is missing from the list below.

- Flying with Flightmaster

This was a quarterly news letter for the users of Flightmaster software. This software came on two 128K datapacks, and pack images are available on the Software Pack Images page.

Psion Organiser Series 1

Psion Organiser Series 1
  • UK Patent Application GB 2 161 300 A (348 KB pdf)
    Patent for the series 1 Psion Organiser from 1984. Lapsed in 2004. The UK Registered designs 1019736 and 1019737 are of figures 2 and 4 of the patent, depicting the Organiser and the Datapak, respectively.

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