Jaap's Psion II Page

My Games and Programs

This is a collection of games and other programs that I wrote for the Psion Organiser II.
Programs marked with * heavily rely on machine code rather than pure OPL.
Programs marked with # have not been published elsewhere before as far as I know.
Software made by other people can be found on a different page.

Games, Puzzles, and other Amusements Tools and Utilities Software for PC

Games, Puzzles, and other Amusements

AyoCM/XP/LZGame of Ayo, also known as Mancala
BomberLZGame in which you have to flatten a ruined city so you can land your descending bomber plane.
BoulderLZPuzzle game similar to Boulderdash, in which you push rocks around and dig your way to the exit, hopefully without getting stuck or killed by dropping rocks.
Boulder LevelsLZExtra set of levels for Boulder.
Breakout #LZBreak down walls by bouncing a ball off the bricks. 14 varied levels.
Connect 4LZPlay Connect 4 against the Psion
ChompLZGame in which you and the Psion take turns to eat away at a corner of a rectangular chocolate bar. Whoever eats the last square loses the game. The most interesting aspect of this game is that the Psion learns from its mistakes, and so becomes a stronger player each time it loses.
Cupball #CM/XPA memory game based on the Cups and Balls trick.
Explode #LZExplosive board game, played against the Psion.
FifteenCM/XP/LZClassic sliding puzzle game with 15 tiles with a graphical design instead of numbers.
Hanoi #CM/XPThe tower of Hanoi puzzle.
Invaders *LZShoot the invading aliens until you have blocked their path.
Juggle Generator #CM/XP/LZGenerates juggling patterns (siteswaps) for a given length and number of balls.
Life *LZSimulation of Game of Life, the cellular automaton by John H. Conway.
Maze *LZA 100x100 randomly generated maze you can walk around in.
Mem #CM/XPA memory game, like Simple Simon.
Mastermind *CM/XPPlay the Mastermind colour guessing game against the Psion.
Mastermind *LZPlay the Mastermind colour guessing game against the Psion.
Nim 1 #LZClasic Nim game played against the Psion.
Nim 2 #LZMulti-pile Nim game played against the Psion.
Nim 1 XP #CM/XPClassic Nim game played against the Psion.
Nim 2 XP #CM/XPMulti-pile Nim game played against the Psion.
Nim 3 XP #CM/XPNim game variant where you want to end up with an odd total number.
Nim 2D #CM/XPTwo-player Nim game played on a 4x4 board.
PegsLZPeg Solitaire
PlatoCM/XP/LZAnimations of four of Platonic solids (tetrahedron, cube, octahedron or icosahedron).
Queue #CM/XP/LZA one-dimensional board game played against the Psion.
React #CM/XPA program to test your reaction time.
ReversiLZThe game of Reversi, also known as Othello.
Row #CM/XPA kind of connect 4 played on a single line.
SchuifLZPuzzle game with 3×3 set of tiles which are mixed by sliding any row or column. Try to beat the Psion.
ScoopLZGame where you scoop up space debris.
Scroll *LZA scrolling maze game, where you have to find the key and the exit before the monsters find you.
Snowbrd *LZGame where you have to snowboard down a slalom course as quickly as possible.
Tetris *LZThe classic game of Tetris, turned on its side.
TicCM/XP/LZStandard Tic Tac Toe. The Psion is a good but not perfect player.
TttCM/XP/LZ3D Tic Tac Toe, also known as Qubic, played on a 4x4x4 cube.
TwistLZA two-dimensional analog of the Rubik's Cube, with a 3x3 set of tiles of which any 2x2 square can be rotated.
WormLZThe classic snake game, in which the snake gets longer as it eats.
Worm2CM/XP/LZThe classic snake game, in which the snake gets longer as it eats.

Tools and Utilities

Design #CM/XP/LZUDG designer.
Easter #CM/XP/LZCalculates the date of Easter Sunday of any year.
Hexadecimal Calculator *CM/XP/LZA simple calculator for hexadecimal numbers.
InfoCM/XP/LZAn alternative to the main menu's INFO option.
Keys v1.11 *CM/XP/LZA utility for entering characters unavailable on the keyboard.
Pos2Org *2-line POSTurns any 2-line POS model into a usable CM/XP organiser.
PrintFileCM/XP/LZPrint out any data file on a Psion Printer or via Comms Link.
UtilsLZA set of utilities for changing settings (sound, keyboard clicks, border character), and unit conversions (temperatures, weights, distances)
XfilesCM/XPFile utility similar to the XFiles option of the LZ.
Y2000fix *CM/XPReplaces the TIME menu option to (partially) fix the year 2000 problem.
RomsendCM/XP/LZ + PCCreate a file on the PC with an image of the Psion's ROM.
SendpackCM/XP/LZ + PCCreate a file on the PC with an image of the any particular pack.
SendprogCM/XP/LZ + PCUtility for easily sending/receiving any kind of file to/from the PC.

Software for PC

MakeProcPCCreates a valid procedure file from compiled assembler code.
CrackpadPCUtility to help decode an encrypted notepad file without using the password.
PasswordPCUtility to recover a lost system password or notepad password. Note that it is not possible to recover an active system password.
RevTranPCReverse translator which produces OPL source code from an OB3 translated procedure file.
SplitPCUtility to split the source code from an OB3 procedure file into a separate OPL file.
SplitopkPCUtility to split an OPK pack image file into its constituent parts.