Jaap's Psion II Page


AL$FREE Frees an allocator cell
AL$GRAB Grabs the first available allocator cell
AL$GROW Grows an allocator cell
AL$REPL Adjusts allocator cell for new data
AL$SHNK Shrinks an allocator cell
AL$SIZE Returns the size of an allocator cell
AL$ZERO Zeros an allocator cell

BT$NMDN Turn off NMIs
BT$NMEN Turn on NMIs
BT$NOF Turn off NMIs and keep time
BT$NON Turn on NMIs and restore time
BT$PPRG Push or pop UTW_R0-6
BT$SWOF Turn off the Organiser
BZ$ALRM Makes the ALARM noise
BZ$BELL Standard beep
BZ$TONE Beep of given frequency and duration

DP$EMIT Print a character to the LCD
DP$PRNT Print a string to the LCD
DP$REST Restore display contents and state
DP$SAVE Save display contents and state
DP$STAT Set the cursor type
DP$VIEW Display and scroll a string
DP$WRDY Delay (wait until dpw_redy=0)
DV$BOOT Boot all devices plugged into the Organiser
DV$CLER Remove installed devices
DV$LKUP Jump to language vector
DV$LOAD Loads and relocates code from a pack into RAM
DV$VECT Jump to vectored device code

ED$EDIT Invokes the line editor, editing at start of string
ED$EPOS Invokes the line editor
ED$VIEW Displays a string for viewing
ER$LKUP return address of error message
ER$MESS display error message

FL$BACK Decrement record number in text file
FL$BCAT Used to do directory of a device
FL$BDEL Deletes a block file
FL$BOPN Opens a block file for reading
FL$BSAV Prepares a block file for writing
FL$CATL Used to do directory of text files
FL$COPY Copies text or block files between devices
FL$CRET Creates a text file
FL$DELN Deletes a text file
FL$ERAS Erases a record of a text file
FL$FFND Searches for a file name
FL$FIND Searches a text file
FL$FREC Returns information about a text record
FL$NEXT Increment record number in text file
FL$OPEN Opens a text file
FL$PARS Parse a file name
FL$READ Read record of a text file
FL$RECT Set the record type
FL$RENM Rename a text file
FL$RSET Set record number of a text file
FL$SETP Set the current device for file operations
FL$SIZE Returns information about current device
FL$WRIT Appends a record to a text file
FN$ATAN Returns arctangent in radians of floating-point number
FN$COS Returns the cosine of floating-point number
FN$EXP Returns the exponential of floating-point number
FN$LN Returns the natural log of a floating-point number
FN$LOG Returns log base 10 of a floating-point number
FN$POWR Returns X ** Y of 2 floating-point numbers
FN$RND Returns a random floating-point number
FN$SIN Returns the sine of a floating-point number
FN$SQRT Returns square root of a floating-point number
FN$TAN Returns the tangent of a floating-point number

IT$GVAL Returns value of table interpreter action parameter
IT$RADD Returns address of table register
IT$STRT Starts the table interpreter
IT$TADD Given offset, returns word from table

KB$BREK Test if ON/CLEAR key pressed
KB$FLSH Flush type-ahead buffer
KB$GETK Wait for, and get, a key
KB$INIT Initialise keyboard interrupts
KB$STAT Set the status of the keyboard
KB$TEST Test if key pressed
KB$UGET Unget a key

LG$NEWP Calls the language editor to create a new file
LG$RLED Handles Program menu functions
LN$STRT Runs the language translator

MN$DISP Display menu and perform menu item selection
MT$BTOF Converts ASCII text string to floating-point number
MT$FADD Floating-point add
MT$FBDC Converts floating-point number to decimal text
MT$FBEX Converts floating-point number to text in scientific format
MT$FBGN Converts floating-point number to text in general format
MT$FBIN Converts floating-point number to text in integer format
MT$FDIV Floating-point divide
MT$FMUL Floating-point multiply
MT$FNGT Change sign of floating-point register
MT$FSUB Floating-point subtract

PK$PKOF Turn of the slots
PK$QADD Get the current pack address
PK$RBYT Read a byte from a pack
PK$READ Read a string of bytes from a pack
PK$RWRD Read a word from a pack
PK$SADD Set the current pack address
PK$SAVE Save a string of bytes to a pack
PK$SETP Select a device
PK$SKIP Relative increment of the pack address

RM$RUNP Load and run an OPL procedure

TL$ADDI Inserts item in top level menu
TL$CPYX Performs top level COPY, with prompts
TL$DELI Removes item from top level menu
TL$XXMD Edits a filename, MODE key selects pack
TM$DAYV finds the day the of week for a given date
TM$TGET get a valid copy of the real-time clock
TM$UPDT increment a time buffer
TM$WAIT pause for a given time

UT$CPYB Copy a buffer in RAM
UT$DDSP Displays passed formatted string on LCD
UT$DISP Displays in line formatted string on LCD
UT$ENTR Enter a control region
UT$FILL Block fill a buffer
UT$ICPB Case independent buffer compare
UT$ISBF Find occurrence of a substring
UT$LEAV Leave a control region
UT$SDIV Performs signed word division
UT$SMUL Performs signed word multiplication
UT$SPLT Locate field in record
UT$UDIV Performs unsigned word division
UT$UMUL Performs unsigned word multiplication
UT$UTOB Convert unsigned word to decimal text
UT$XCAT Display a directory of files
UT$XTOB Convert unsigned word to hexadecimal text
UT$YSNO Waits for 'Y' or 'N' to be pressed