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Rubik's Magic: Link the Rings

Rubik's Magic

Rubik's Magic: Link the Rings

Rubik's Magic

The classic version of this amazing puzzle consists of 8 tiles arranged in a 2×4 rectangle. On the front side of the tiles is a picture of three separate rings. On the other side is a mixed up picture of three linked rings. The aim is to link the rings by unscrambling this other side. When solved, its shape is a 3×3 square with one corner missing.

The original version of Rubik's Magic is black with rainbow coloured rings, and was made by Matchbox in the 1986. Rubik has recently released it again, this time manufactured by Oddzon, but now it is red with yellow rings.

There is a small difference between the old and new versions of Magic. The new version has the front printed upside down compared to the back. If you are used to solving a black Magic with the copyright message on the front along the edge, then to solve a red magic you have to start with the front copyright message along the top, and vice versa.

Solved Rubik's Magic

Solution 1:

  1. Do the rectangle transform, leaving the the puzzle turned over to see the side which you are solving.
  2. There are three tiles that match up. Use the loop shift transform to shift these three tiles one tile along to the other corner on that side.
  3. You now have 5 correct tiles. Use the six-flip shape changing transform to move the three incorrect ones, and the puzzle will be solved.

Solution 2:

By using the twist transform it is possible to solve it much faster.

  1. If you have a black Magic, hold it with the copyright text along the bottom edge. If you have a red Magic, hold it with the copyright text along the top.
  2. Hold the rightmost tile of the top row in your right hand and do an anti-clockwise twist transform. Afterwards you will still be holding the same tile in your right hand.
  3. Do the six-flip shape changing transform with the tile you are holding.

Solution 3:

This solution is by Alexander Ooms. To shorten the description, I will number the tiles from 1 to 8, clockwise from the top left. Thus tile 5 is the bottom right corner with the signature.

  1. Fold tiles 4 and 5 leftwards onto tiles 3 and 6.
  2. Fold the bottom half (5-8) and top half (1-4) together.
  3. Open up the loop of tiles, separating tiles 4 and 5. This gives a 2x1 loop, with tiles 4 and 5 inside on the right.
  4. Fold up tiles 4 and 5, pushing them up to loop's opening like they were a lid. Push them further, all the way around to the outside onto the right of tiles 3 and 6.
  5. Push tiles 3-6 inwards, into the loop, creating a stack of six tiles.
  6. Fold tiles 3-6 open downwards, so that they become a two layer thick base.
  7. Fold tiles 4,5 (the bottom layer of the base) to the right, creating a 2x2 base.
  8. Fold the 2x2 base in half downwards. This brings 4 and 5 together, as well as 3 and 6. The result is a two layer thick zig-zag shape.
  9. Fold tiles 1,2 down behind 3 and 6. This stretches the strings a little.
  10. Fold tile 2 to the left, behind tile 1.
  11. Fold tiles 2,3,4 down, to create the solved position.
Magic, Solution 3