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UPDATED 31/12/2014. There are new pages on the Pyraminx Duo, the English Sixteen puzzle, Jushbox, Logi Toli, NHL Hockey Puck Puzzle, Ramka, Triplex and Mandorla, Woodn't Die, and Kwazy Quilt.
I added Magic Color Puzzle to the 14-15 Puzzle page, Switch to the Switcheroo / Leaping Frogs page, the Chameleon Cube to the Peter's Black Hole page, an improved solution to my three colour loop problem on the Tantrix page, and an improved proof of theorem 3 on the The Mathematics of Lights Out page.
Finally, I added Javascript simulations of the English Sixteen puzzle, Logi Toli, Ramka, and Triplex / Mandorla.

UPDATED 26/06/2013. There are new pages on the Bandaged 2×2×2, Bognar's Brainteaser, the Futuro Cube, the Gear Octahedron, Hoo-Doo, Instant Insanity II, the Master Skewb and Rex Cube, Shifty, Switcheroo, and and Tubie.
I added pages for peg solitaire variants - Solitaire / Hi-Q, Solo, Think & Jump, and Triangle Solitaire - together with some Analysis of Peg Solitaire, and a Peg Solitaire Java Applet.
I added Magic Path to the Brain-chek page, Christoph's Jewel and Trajber's Octahedron to the Octahedron page, Coin Hanoi Puzzle to the Towers of Hanoi page, Dinomorphix and Twistball to the Dino Cube page, Picture Domino to the Rubik's Domino page, Square-1 Star to the Rubik's Ufo page, and a Two-Colour version of the Marusenko Sphere,
Lastly, I added patent information to the Bolaris page and updated the Gripple page.

UPDATED 03/03/2013. There is now a huge Gallery of my whole collection. There are new pages on the Ai Cube, 2×3×4, 3×4×5, 4×4×5, 4×4×6, Two-Colour 4×4×6, Diamond Dilemma, Helicopter Cube, Curvy Copter, Nautilus, Polydron Enigma, Slide Rule Pie 3, Slide Rule Pie 6, and Super Brain Spinner, and I added the Flat Diamond Cube to the Rubik's Cube Variants page.
There are some neat new results about Lights Out on a torus on the Lights Out Mathematics page.
Last but not least, there is a new article about Bandaged Puzzles and PSPACE-completeness.
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