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At this moment there are 366 puzzle pictures below, all of which are featured on this site.

(4 axes)

Pyraminx Tetraminx Meier-Halpern pyramid Jing Pyraminx Pyraminx Duo Pyraminx Duo 6-colour

(6 axes)

Pocket Cube Rubik's Cube Rubik's Revenge Crazy 4x4x4 Cube I Crazy 4x4x4 Cube II Crazy 4x4x4 Cube III Professor's Cube V-Cube 6 V-Cube 7 Mickey Mouse puzzle head Darth Maul puzzle head Homer Simpson puzzle head Nissan Micra puzzle Dreamball K8 Ball Octo Ball-shaped Rubik's Cube Diamond Cube Rubik's World Barrel/Octagon Diamond Style Puzzler Void Cube Shephard's Cube Egg Cube Flat Diamond Cube Heart Cube Oval Cube Rhombic Dodecahedron Cube Mastermorphix, 4 colour Curved Mastermorphix, 4 colour Curved Mastermorphix, 1 colour Nine Colour Cube Labyrinth Cube Gear Cube Gear Mastermorphix Gear Octahedron Marusenko Sphere Marusenko Sphere Octahedron Christoph's Jewel Trajber's Octahedron Pyramorphix Stern Quarter Turn Cube Constrained Cube 90

(8 axes)

Beachball Skewb Diamond Skewb Dino Cube Rainbow Cube Dino Star Brain Twist Jackpot Dinomorphix Twistball Face-turning Octahedron Master Skewb Rex Cube Skewb Ultimate Skewb

Rhombic Dodecahedral
(12 axes)

Helicopter Cube Curvy Copter

(12 axes)

Alexander's Star Ball-B Dogic Impossiball Thomasball Flowerminx Megaminx Holey Megaminx Pyraminx Crystal


Brainball 1x2x5 Gari Garikun Puzzle 2x2x3 Tower Block Crazy 2x3x3 3x3x1 Floppy Cube Super Floppy Cube Imitation Super Floppy 3x3x2 Rubik's Domino Xmas Domino 2x3x4 3x3x4 3x4x5 4x4x5 4x4x6 Two-colour 4x4x6 Gear Cube Extreme Gerdig Ufo Kép Korong Rubik's Cheese Masterball Logi-Vip Masterball Duo Morph Head Hockeypuck Pentahedron Roundy 4-sided Roundy Saturn Square 2 Smart Alex Tricky Disky Triple Disky Ufo (Varia-Disk) Rubik's Ufo Square-1 Star


Combo Puzzle Octo puzzle Ufo King Ring / Sando Ring

Bandaged / Blocked:

Ai Cube Bandaged 2x2x2 Bandaged Pyraminx Bicube/Bandaged Cube Battlegear Mask Battlegear Spy Latch Cube Nautilus Planets Rotascope Slide Rule Duel Slide Rule Duel Binary Bisect 5 Square-1 Trio

With gaps:

Atomic Chaos Babylon Tower Backspin/Loophole Billiards Nineball Bognar's Brainteaser Bolaris 1 Bolaris 2 Bolaris 3 Bolaris 4 Clark's Cube Mona Lisa Code Breaker Twisting Rings Puzzle Crossteaser Cubedron Cybedron Delta ball Diamond 8-ball Fifteen puzzle MB Genius Virus Color Magic Puzzle Great Gears Instant Insanity II Jushbox Logi Toli Magic Rainbow Ball Massage ball Mindlock Missing Link NHL Hocky Puck Puzzle Panex Swap Squares Ramka Solitaire Solo Think and Jump Triangle Solitaire Peter's Black Hole Magic Jack IQube Chameleon Cube Pionir Cube Rack 'em up Rolling cubes puzzle Row by row Saturn (LD Games) SpongeBob puzzle Switcheroo Switch Whippit Puzzle Tower / 6by6 Varikon Varikon Box 2x2x2 Minus Cube Varikon Box 3x3x3 Inversion Wanderrings Wisdom Ball Wisdom Ball II

Flat without gaps:

Butterfly Circle Puzzle Whirligig Cohan Circle Arusloky Crossover Farmland Gears, Big Crop Farmland Gears, Feed Lots Farmland Gears, Hay Ride Farmland Gears, Plow Deep Rubik's Fifteen Flip-side Gripple Gripple It Tsukuda's Square Mad Triad Challenge Mad Triad Handy Moeraki Nr. 3 Moeraki Nr. 4 New Seven Azig Palette 7 Palette 21 Palette Mix 4 Port to Port Triple Cross Rashkey Rotos Rubik's Rings Hungarian Rings Rubik's Slide Shifty Slide Rule Duel Pentaplenty Slide Rule Duel Heptalive Slide Rule Pie 3 Slide Rule Pie 6 Starlet/Swesdotchka Swissmad puzzle Four colour Swissmad puzzle Topspin/No.Crunch Educational Logic Game Trillion Triplex Mandorla Tri-Trick Turn'n Push Turnstile Trio Puzzler Avenger Uriblock / Mix Box Zauberkreuz

Non-flat without gaps:

Astrolabacus Iqball/Chromo ball Cmetrick Too Cmetrick Too Hard Dual Circle Equator Hungarian Globe Oxo Futuro Cube Leesho 3 Leesho 4 Massage Ball 2 Mozaika Nintendo Ten Billion Barrel Nintendo Billion Star Barrel Orb Pakoválec Rainbow Puzzle Rubik's Shell Siamese Cubes SphereXyz Super Brain Spinner Rubik's Triamid

Pattern Matching:

Bolygok Circus Puzzler Spot Colour Puzzle Thinkominos Rubik's Dice Diamond Dilemma Dodeca Nona Dodek Duo Fool's Spool Four Cube Puzzle Hoo-Doo Instant Indecision Instant Insanity Buvos Golyok (instant insanity) Drive Ya Crazy Five cube Instant Insanity Izzi Izzi 2 Kabalabda Magnatease Rubik's Maze Octacube On the Level Magellán Möebius Line Puzzle Polydron Enigma The Great Pyramid The Great Pyramid Pocket Puzzle Pyram Pyrix Pyrus Rubik's Rabbits Raging Rapids Rubik's Royal Brainteaser Spectra Rubik's Tangle Tantrix Tantrix Rock 36 Cube Trixxy Transposer Tiffany Transposer 6 Transposer Bonbons Transposer Genesis Kaboozle Stained Turn 12 Woodn't Die Woodn't Die Rubik's ZigZaw


Brain-chek Stoplight Brain-chek PhD Magic Path Rubik's Clock Cmetrick Cmetrick Mini Columbus Egg / The X Super Puzzle Culica Dizzy Rainbow Enigma Combinescion Frustr8tor Gear Shift Hexadecimal Puzzle Im-puzzle-ball Kibble Cube Kinato Kwazy Quilt Soviet Kwazy Quilt Lights Out Lights Out, new design Mini Lights Out Lights Out 2000 Lights Out Cube Lights Out Deluxe Gamze Lights Out Vulcan XL 25 Merlin Luminations Rubik's Magic Rubik's Mini Magic Create the Cube Rubik's Magic Master Edition Magic Rings Magic Balls Mind Jewel 7x7 Oktato Jatek The Orbik Orbix Padlock Robinson Roulette Snake Cube Spinout The Brain Chinese Rings Think-a-Dot Tower of Hanoi Rudenko Matryoshka Rudenko Clips Rudenko Disk Coin Hanoi Puzzle Tubie Writer's Block